Wàzi socks for Father's Day!

Wàzi socks for Father's Day!

Introducing the Wàzi Sock pattern, a fun and contemporary pattern, perfect for knitting a pair of socks for all the awesome Dads out there this Father's Day!

We've collaborated with Anna Lange of Fishhead Creations to bring you a bright bold sock that's full of Qing Fibre character and colour. Anna loves to craft and knit, ride horses and create funky sock patterns as much as we do. Why not watch one of Anna's podcasts to get you started.

The best bit is the WÀZI sock is released just in time to gift to a special Man, Dad, Father, Uncle, Brother, Son.... you catch our drift - IT'S IN TIME FOR FATHER'S DAY of course!

These socks are definitely not only for the male members of the family, why not knit matching pairs of handmade WÀZI socks for the whole family?

We've now released the special WÀZI sock pattern and several of Layla's special colour combination kits to match! Check out the exculsive Wàzi Sock Kits!

Need some extra Sock Knitting inspiration check out the GoodReads list of Sock Knitting Books. With an expansive list of books to teach you different types of knitting techniques.


An all over colour work design, a heel flap and gusset and customisable sizing for the whole family. The design is bold and funky, which can be made even more striking with a combination of our bright signature colourways or if you prefer something more subtle, toned down with some moodier colourways or pastel shades.

We've knitted the WÀZI sock in Qing Fibre Sock yarn which is perfect for creating funky socks that stand out from a crowd and are durable! The touch of nylon makes the yarn hard wearing and less prone to shrinking. Have a look at our SPECIAL SOCK COLLECTION!


Share your #WAZIsocks creations with us on Instagram @qingfibre or create a project on Ravelry!

We can't wait to see your socks knitted up, keep an eye on our Instagram for our WÀZI socks!

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