SS21 - Magnolia Bloom and the next 8 beautiful shades of our collection

SS21 - Magnolia Bloom and the next 8 beautiful shades of our collection

We’ve had a few sunny days here in London, it is certainly nice to have some warmer days and get some fresh air! We are loving the longer evenings and the spring blossom and flowers that are starting to bloom. Layla went for a walk over the weekend in her local area and also spotted a Banksy lurking in the background of this photo!!!


Layla has been working on the Magnolia Bloom Sweater by Camila Vad, a beautiful design which Layla thought would be perfect for spring in our new colours Bloom and Almond held together and she was definitely right! The delicate lace design on the yoke is feminine and cute, and it looks sooo dreamy. The combination of our new colours and the Kid Silk Mohair and High Twist BFL held together remind us of marshmallows and clouds at sunset.


Meet the next 8 beautiful shades of the SS21 collection

Sepia – Old faded photographs scattered over the floor, as the first light of dawn creeps though the curtains and brings the world to life. A himilayan salt pink with darker speckles, reminiscent of vanilla bean seeds.

Malachite – An ardent green, with hints of blue and grey poking through, reminding us of beautiful jade stones and crystals and peacock feathers.

Neutron - A whimsical grey base with a twist of lime and a pop of brick orange. Subtle yet audacious.

Whale - Deep in the ocean, under the cobalt surface the blue whales dance amongst the fish and coral. A deep underwater blue, diving so deep, taking you into undiscovered depths.

Porcelain - Canvas white, porcelain pottery, fine china teacups. An innocent, muted white, perfect as a solo staple or paired with neons. 

Limestone - They say every grey is made up of hundreds of hues. This is certainly the case here, faded pinks, purples and greens blend seamlessly into a unique pastel grey - Creating a quiet yet powerful greyish tone.

Damask - Sun soaked grapes and warming undertones evoke the feeling of an endless summer. Damask is a versatile colourway yet very elegant.

 Latte – Soft and delicate, milky coffees and croissants on a Sunday morning. The first morning light that filters through the curtains, the warm days of early summer.


The first parcels with our new SS21 colours are currently leaving the studio and we can't wait to see all your beautiful creations, please tag us on Instagram @qingfibre

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