It's Layla's Birthday!

It's Layla's Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYLA! In true Qing Fibre fashion, we decided to celebrate Layla's birthday with some new limited edition colours and also a new pattern for you to get on your needles this autumn!

Our newest colourways Neptune and Balloon were released for Layla's birthday, with the changing of the season in mind. Neptune - a moody blue, that makes us think of wintery days, waves and moody skies and Balloon - a pastel grey with flecks of warm vibrant colour, an autumnal birthday party.

We are also releasing the BIANCA TURBAN HAT, perfect for keeping your head warm throughout the winter months, hiding that hair when you don't feel like washing it and adding a little glamour to every outfit. A retro style hat, inspired by Bianca Jagger and her iconic look, this really is perfect for any season! This 70's turban hat is a quick and simple knit, easy to find time to knit in an afternoon or evening. The perfect companion for those dark wintery evenings! Techniques used are ribbing, decreasing, cable cast-on, three needle din-off and a little sewing together. You could even add a little mohair for some extra warmth and luxury!

As it is Layla's birthday, we thought it would be nice for you all to get to know a little more about the person behind Qing Fibre, so we had a little Q & A session!

Q: What are your favourite QF colours?

A: Electronics has to be one of my favourites and I am in love with all colours in our new winter collection!

Q: What is your favourite QF base?

A: I love chunky yarn, so I really enjoy knitting with our Big Merino Chunky base but I also love knitting with Merino Singles and Melted Baby Suri, the Suri is just so soft and fluffy!

Q: What are your current favourite patterns?

A: The Ursa sweater by Jacqueline Cieslak, Pink Velvet by Andrea Mowry and the new Westknits MKAL is fabulous!

Q: What are you currently knitting?

A: I am currently working on two new patterns, a Halloween jumper and a turban style hat - bringing some retro fashion back from the 70's.

Q: Who or what inspires you?

A: I look at a lot of fashion photography, visual designers graphics, landscapes around the world. Both myself and the team take in things around our daily lives that inspire us and use this to come up with new colours and designs.

Q: Favourite thing about Autumn?

A: My favourite this about Autumn is my birthday month, it always makes me think of the biggest moon hanging in the night sky and moon cakes! The leaves are changing colour and everything seems to slow down a little and relax. There is an old Chinese tradition called ‘T-ieh Chow Be-au’, where, according to my understanding, people do this to put a little weight on, ready to battle the long cold winter. It actually means we are all welcome to eat anything and everything we want, without being judged! What's not to love?!


With the Mid-Autumn festival coinciding with Layla's birthday, we have some cute little knits coming for you very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you are all having a lovely Autumn so far and that you are all are staying safe and well in these strange times! We always love to see your Qing Fibre creations so please tag us on Instagram @qingfibre or send us some photos -


Happy Knitting!

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