A/W 23 Icelandic Collection ❄️


In this year's A/W collection, we are re-imagining some Icelandic iconic landmarks, and trying to bring the magnificent sceneries onto our yarn.

The colour palette was inspired by the liveliness of nature, where wouldn't be seen anywhere else in the world, we will bring back some dramatic colours from 2020 along with new experiments!

With colours ranging from remarkable land to silver sky, ancient lakes to mysterious caves, we will explore the rich tapestry of Iceland's natural wonders together over the upcoming days.

Released on 6 classic Qing Fibre bases!


Introducing the A/W 2023 collection! The colours announced so far... 

4 Magical New Colours


Journey through the Vatnajökull glacier, and imagine the snow grey tones crunch beneath your feet whilst gazing up at the crisp blue portals in the sky surrounded by snow clouds ready to burst.



Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Katla volcano, where nature's raw power is tamed by the serene beauty of Iceland's landscape.

Midnight Sun

Let the enchanting radiance of Iceland's midnight sun cast its golden spell upon you, painting the sky with pastel pinks, purples and blues.


Experience the captivating ethereal dance of the aurora borealis over the iconic Kirkjufell mountain, where bright greens shine above azure blue waters.


8 Timeless Returning Colours


Soak up the green matcha goodness as sprawling moss overtakes the Eldhraun lava fields.. Nothing can beat the calm yet refreshing tones created by mother nature!



Sit with a loved one watching the sunset frame the ‘Sun Voyager’ at Sólfarið and knit love into every stitch and see the romantic pinks and passionate purples swirl throughout the yarn.



Envision the landscape of our ancient Earth at Landmannalaugar, marvel at mountains brimming with rich earthy tones and mineral blue waters carving paths through the ground.



Rich aged reds, deep maroons and luscious burgundies spill throughout creating a luxurious yet bold statement. Inspired by the striking volcanic crater in the Westman Islands.



Capturing the serene beauty of Sólheimajökull glacier, this captivating hue combines shades of icy turquoise, snow cloud greys and deep ocean blue speckles.



Picture dark volcanic rock and fiery gold blending together in the most breathtaking way. This colour combo is seriously stunning, just like the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption.



Mimicking ancient tones found at the  Kerlingarfjöll Highlands, this yarn features earthy muted pinks, browns with blue and red speckles taking us back in time.



Ease your winter worries by taking in the sight of the serene lilac and gentle pink plant life encircling the Stokksnes beach.⁠



Falling into everlasting twilight, 'Solstice' creates a cosy, mystical atmosphere with deep, dark blues reminiscent of the long, quiet nights of winter in Reykjavík.