Say hello to the Romola Wrap!

Say hello to the Romola Wrap!

Our newest pattern, the Romola Wrap, is a winter staple. It keeps you warm yet stylish and can be dressed up or down. Just incase this party season is held on zoom, you can wear the wrap on the top and pjs on the bottom! 




The wrap top has an interesting and unique construction that will keep your interest but isn't too complicated its off putting for newer knitters. It is knitted top down, using increases to shape the top section and also the raglan balloon style sleeves. Once you reach the waist it is separated into two halves, which are knitted individually in the round. This means you don't have to worry about any ties or fastenings and can just slip it on and off as you would a regular sweater. The outer half, left side wrap, is knitted second and short rows are uses to extend the length down one side. Once the body is finished, the sleeves are picked up and gradual increases are used to create the balloon style sleeves. This pattern has a 3-colour fade, using some simple stranded colourwork to introduce the final colour of the fade in the sleeves. Finally, the stitches are picked up around the neckline and some ribbing is knitted to stabilise the piece. To wear the piece you then insert the right side of the wrap into the left side and it becomes the inner wrap. This also create a double layer that won't flap open and will keep you toasty and because its knitted using fingering and lace weight held together it isn't bulky.
We have knitted our Romola Wrap using Yak Singles and Kid Silk Mohair held together, this combination creates a super soft and warm garment that looks luxurious and has a beautiful depth of colour. This garment was largely influenced by nature and the elements, so it seemed apt to name our beautiful fade kits after the four elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire.


The Earth kit is a beautiful reflection of rural England, deep greens with flecks of jewel tones fading into unusual earth tones and dusty pinks. Vanilla Yak and Vanilla Mohair fade into Bone Yak and Bone Mohair which then fade into Ophelia Yak and Ophelia Mohair.  


The Air kit embodies the cold wintery winds that bring sprinklings of ice, magical snow and makes you pull your collar up around your ears. Thistle on Yak and Mohair fades into Amour on Yak and Mohair which then fades into the appropriately named Frozen on Yak and Mohair, creating an ethereal and icy fade.


The Water kit fades together deep blue with the greens, blues and purples ending in a spectacle of bright yellow that is brought into line by the deep blue of the Okinami Yak. Glasto Mohair and Okinami Yak fades into Cyberspace Mohair and Okinami which then fades into Okinami Mohair and Okinami yak.


The Fire kit is for all you Fall/Autumn lovers out there, fiery reds and oranges paired with natural earthy tones makes for a beautiful rich fade. Aflame Mohair is held with Nest Yak which then fades into Aflame Mohair held with Island Yak and the final fade is Island Mohair held with Island Yak creating a lovely gradual fade.


Thank you for reading, please get in touch if you have any questions or queries, we are always happy to help! 

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Hi Layla,
i ordered your kit Romola Wrap.
Can you explain me the set-up row (RS) please.
The pattern says:
S11kw, k2….., do you mean, slip 11 stiches knitwise, knit 2 stiches….?
And why do i must that.
I don‘t understand this and i found no help in your Raverly group.

Best wishes

Andrea Schmiedehausen









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