Happy Valentine's Day! A few fun things to do this Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day! A few fun things to do this Valentine's

As it is the day of love, we are encouraging you to share some love, whether that is with your significant other, your family, your pet or simply with yourself - we could all do with a little bit of self-love right now!


We have a very special Valentine's colourway to share with you this February, introducing XOXO -  a romantic, cheerful colourway to bring a little romance and love into your life, even if it is just a love affair with yarn! Rose pinks, lilacs, sage greens and neutral tones fade into each other with a pop of neon yellow to add a little light and vibrancy. We are in love and have been swooning over this colour in the studio the past few weeks. We particularly love the way it looks on our fluffy bases, such as Melted Baby Suri, Veranita and Kid Silk Mohair.

4 fun Valentine's activities to do with yourself or someone you love

1 - Homemade treats

Whip up a few little treats for you and your loved ones (or to scoff all to yourself, shhh we won't tell!) We love these cute little heart biscuits - Valentine's Linzer Cookies but if you don't have time or you are a disaster in the kitchen then chocolate-covered strawberries are a quick and easy way to have a delicious romantic treat.

2 - Cast on the Wisp Beret

Whether this is a gift to yourself or to someone you love. Have a chilled evening of knitting, casting on our latest pattern - the Wisp Beret. This beret is knitted top down, from the crown to the brim, meaning that you can try this beret on as you go to check the size. Worked in the round, the beret begins with an I-cord stem, then featuring a two-colour diamond stitch pattern on top. The fold and the brim of this cute beret are then worked in stockinette as it decreases, with a choice of a ribbed band or a stretchy folded bind off. This beret has been knitted with lace-weight yarn held double, a combination of this, and the colourwork pattern creates a loose, airy and fluffy fabric - super soft and chic. We hope you fall in love with this cute beret as much as we have!

3 - Relax in a romantic bath

Run yourself a nice hot bath, light some candles and maybe even make your own bath salts! It is super easy to do, all you need is some Epsom Salts, a little Baking Soda and a few drops of Essential Oil - Lavender is one of our favourites! You could even add in some dried flowers or rose petals if you are feeling fancy! Pop on a nice relaxing album such as Ludovico Einaudi's Islands Album and chill out to the max, you deserve it!

4 - Connect with someone you love

Arrange a virtual catch up with a friend, a loved one or a partner. Who said Valentine's in lockdown has to be spent alone?  Video call someone dear to you, you could even make it into a dinner date, both cook the same meal and sit down together virtually with a nice glass of wine or beverage of your choice (or if you are feeling a little lazy then just order a takeaway and sit down and enjoy together). It really is so important to stay connected during these difficult times and Valentine's is the perfect excuse to have a lovely evening with someone you love.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration to make this Valentine's day a special one! We always love to see what you have on your needles so please tag us on Instagram @qingfibre. We are also running a Valentine's competition so head to our page to check it out!

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