Wildwood High Summer Collection 🌳

Wildwood High Summer Collection 🌳

Welcome to the Wildwood; a world of whimsical fantasy, mythical creatures, exotic flowers and candy-like insects.

The magical new Collection brings vintage pastel back into season. Explore a palette of mysterious greens, purples and blues, and enchanting oranges, yellows and pinks.

Two new yarn bases

We are extremely excited to announce two new bases: Glitz and Teddy!

Glitz is the life of the party. A fingering weight yarn dashed with glittery speckles, sure to bring out the bold side in your creations.

Teddy is an oh-so huggable softie. A boucle DK weight with bundles of love and charm, it'll add an adorably snuggly texture to your projects.

Returning are several fan favourites and Qing Fibre staples:

12 New Colourways

Praying Mantis

Introducing Praying Mantis; an ingenious creature that effortlessly blends into its surroundings. The vibrant green shines through pastel rainbowy patches. It's one of our quintessential Wildwood colourways.⁠

Dart Frog

Although small in size and super cute, the Dart frog is one of the most poisonous animals in the world! Luckily that isn’t the case for this deep and daring aqua blue.


A standout in the Collection - Snapdragon has a soft and pastel neon base, perfectly complemented by subtle specks, reminiscent of its namesake beautiful Snapdragon plant.⁠


⁠Flittering under the moon - Meet Moth, a stunning semi-solid yarn with a subtle steel blue tone. A truly versatile shade that pairs with plenty of colour schemes. It's the perfect match for our vibrant speckled colourways.


This is deamland! Utopia is a wondrous concoction of lively purples, yellows, blues, greens and oranges. Any creation with the Utopia colourway will beam joy and happiness.


Keeping you safe as you transform into a beautiful butterfly is Cocoon; a bright and enriching yellow sure to bring joy and positivity to your creations. A great neutral to balance against a plethora of exotic Wildwood colours.

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As intense as the most beautiful sunrise, Mandrake is an excitable orange featuring heated pink streaks for the boldest colour connoisseurs. The hottest colourway in the Collection.


The pink rabbit! Inspired by the sweet pea-like lupine plant and named after the French word for 'rabbit', Lapine is a delicate pink speckled with green, yellow, orange, red and an even hotter pink.


An impressive sight in full bloom, our Wisteria colourway captures the class and elegance of its namesake plant. A multifarious mix of blue-to-purple tints.


Home to many a plant, animal and insect, Pool is a playful yet strong light blue bringing life to your creations. A bold and true semi-solid.

Fairy Dust

The enchanting properties of Fairy Dust will have your creations looking more magical than ever! Featuring soft lilac and pink hues, Fairy Dust will bring you good fortune in the mystical Wildwood.

Poison Ivy

Green and pink might often indicate toxicity, but this Poison Ivy is anything but dangerous. An explosion of whimsical shades and a true statement yarn in the Collection.

Create Your Own Wildwood

If you want to bring a magical wood life, you've got to fill it with plants and animals! Check out our free Mini Osmanthus Flower, Mini Moon Bunny and Mini Moon Cake patterns.

A mattress stitch is essential to some of these patterns - find out how to sew a mattress stitch in our comprehensive guide.

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