All About Wensleyhaze!

All About Wensleyhaze!

What is Wensleyhaze Yarn?

Our Wensleyhaze yarn base is the result of combining wool from Wensleydale sheep and kid mohair!

Wensleydale is a rare species of longhair British sheep and its wool is only sourced in small batches from local farmers. It has more lustre than normal wool and pairs brilliantly with kid mohair for the extra softness, which is exactly what we’ve done to create our magnificent Wensleyhaze base.

What is Wensleydale Wool?

Wensleydale sheep are a rare breed of longhair British sheep known for their distinctive wool. Their wool has several unique characteristics that make it highly sought after by fibre artists and crafters.

One of the key features of Wensleydale wool is its exquisite appearance. The fibre has a natural sheen and shimmer, giving it an elegant and luxurious look. This makes it particularly appealing for high-quality knitting and crocheting projects.

Because Wensleydale wool is sourced in small batches from local farmers, it may be considered a limited and exclusive fibre, which adds to its appeal for fibre artists who appreciate rare and unique materials.

What is Super Kid Mohair?

Kid mohair is derived from the hair of young goats and is prized for its exceptional softness and fuzzy texture. As this natural fibre is light, it is very delicate and therefore often combined with a stabilising fibre like silk, wool or polyamid, in this case; Wensleydale!

Super kid mohair is very fluffy, warm and not pilling. A perfect yarn for featherweight shawls and shrugs.

What Makes Wensleyhaze Unique?

The combination of wensleydale and super kid mohair is our Wensleyhaze base!

The resulting Wensleyhaze base is a high-end yarn with a perfect combination of lustre and texture. It should be well-suited for creating various knitting projects, especially those that require excellent stitch definition, as mentioned for rustic knitting projects. It is a fine yarn which has the structural integrity of a fingering weight yarn due to the hard wearing nature of the Wensleydale, with the mohair offering a soft, hazy look to it.

Both Wensleydale wool and mohair wool possess their own unique properties, when combined, the result is a lustrous, pearlescent yarn which glimmers in the sun.

What can you make with Wensleyhaze?

There are a range of projects to be explored and created using our Wensleyhaze base, however there are certain design features that certainly stand out in this base!

We prefer to use Wensleyhaze for lighter projects, such as shawls, shrugs, or lacy projects. This is because it highlights the sheen of the yarn nicely. Wensleyhaze also pairs beautifully with melted baby suri or kid mohair silk for a super soft knit for a sweater or blanket.

My favourite patterns to use with Wensleyhaze 


More colour combos for u!! Today i wanted to spotlight one of my fave bases, Wensleyhaze - which is a blend of wensleydale and mohair😋😋

♬ original sound - qingfibre

Yarn Details:

  • Fibre: 80% Wensleydale | 20% Super Kid Mohair
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Length: 200m | 218 yards
  • Gauge: 27-32 sts = 10cm or 4 inches 
  • Needle Size: 2.25-3.35 mm | 1 - 3 US
  • Care: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

Let us know if you're loving Wensleyhaze with your creations! If you want to know more about this stunning base and see what we're doing with it in the studio, check out our TikTok and be sure to check out all our Wensleyhaze in stock!

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