Say hello to our newest Cashmere – Soufflé

Say hello to our newest Cashmere – Soufflé

Meet Soufflé, our newest cashmere yarn to join our yarn collection. Made from 100% Cashmere and sourced from Inner Mongolia, Soufflé is an unforgettable knitting experience. When seeking out this yarn we had three key elements in mind, quality, sustainability and individuality. Soufflé ticks all the boxes.⁠⠀

Soufflé is a light and soft base, but it holds great stitch definition and structure, making it perfect for projects with texture, cables and other special features. It highlights your work but is still super soft and light as air. Available in 15 beautiful striking Donegal shades ranging from sophisticated greys, blues and greens to cute creamy pastels. 1 Skein of Soufflé goes a long way, with 325m per 50g skein, a very high-quality light fingering weight yarn.

Tell me more about Cashmere!

Cashmere is a high-quality wool known for its very fine quality, the best types of cashmere are being produced from particular breeds of goats in some of the coldest regions in the world. Mongolia is recognised as the finest place for cashmere to originate from which is why our cashmere is sourced from farms in Inner Mongolia. Cashmere is the very fine and ultra-soft undercoat, which is found beneath the coarser outer layer of hair on Cashmere goats, allowing them to withstand the very harsh temperatures of their habitat.

Another important quality of Cashmere is the length of the fibre, because of its longer length Cashmere is less susceptible to piling and will keep its shape better than items made with shorter haired fibres. It can also be more comfortable and soft against the skin, perfect for those of you who struggle to wear wool or mohair sweaters.

The count of our cashmere is 4/26NM, meaning that each strand is very finely spun making it luxurious. The 4ply means that our Soufflé base is very strong and durable, making it last longer, so you can wear your new favourite item over and over again.

How is Soufflé ethical and sustainable?

We are conscious of the process of producing cashmere yarn and wanted to make sure our cashmere fibres were sourced both sustainably and ethically, while also being of high quality. Our cashmere is traceable back to the farm, it is certified by the RWS, the ICCAW and GCS. These organisations promote good animal welfare in cashmere production, protecting the environment and support cashmere farmers to secure a sustainable source of income. These organisations ensure that the product we are providing is one that is sourced sustainably and that the animals are treated with respect.


We can’t wait to share more information about this base, so keep your eyes out for more blogs on Soufflé! We will be releasing Soufflé very soon on our online store, if you haven’t already, please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our website homepage, so that you are the first to hear when it will be available on our shop! You can also check out our Instagram page to see more photos and get more info on our shop updates - @qingfibre


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