Introducing our Spring Summer Collection 2021

Introducing our Spring Summer Collection 2021

This year we wanted to explore colour combinations and techniques that we had not previously explored, we wanted something bright and fresh for the new year - exploring whites, pales greys, pastels, and faded colours. The new S/S collection is a magical exploration of colour, airy and light with pops and flashes of colour and pastel hues elegantly fading into each other. 11 variegated new colourways and 12 semi-solids to pair with the unusual shades, perfectly mixed and matched to make combinations like no other.


Elusive iridescence – barely-there pastels, like catching glimpses of colour when you aren’t looking directly at them. Refraction of light, tropical fish swimming in the reef whilst the sunlight dances and filters through the ripples of the ocean. We wanted to not only create some beautiful new colourways, but an aesthetic, a feeling, bliss. A dream-like state, drenched in colour and light - Smoke, clouds, mirrors, sunlight, the colours of the sky at dawn – a colour euphoria.

Introducing the first 8 colours of our Reflections Collection –

Cloud – Unicorns, cotton candy the clouds at sunset, this colourway is truly magical. Like a fresh spring breeze - pastel pinks, blues and mint greens shine through a neutral base. Subtle fuchsia speckles add depth and a little sparkle, creating a whimsical yet fantastical hue.

Oceanid – Your dreamcatcher captures the dreams of mermaids and oceanids swimming peacefully in an opal blue lagoon. This neutral base provides a blank slate on which a palette of dusty pink, faded terracotta, bottle green and sea blue really stand out - Mystical and enchanting.

Bubble – As the light reflects off bubbles floating into the pastel sky, flashes of neon yellow, purple, cool blue and perky pink catch your eye. A neutral white bases makes these pastel tones pop whilst still remaining understated, a barely-there feel.

Almond - Tonal soft white, almond cakes lined up in a row in a patisserie on Rue de Bac, Paris.

Lemonade – Rose blushed cheeks, strawberry lemonade on hot summer days. A cute and playful pink which reminds us of candyfloss and all things nice.

Shiitake – A tonal brown with cooling undertones of purple, cobblestones in the rain, wild woodland mushrooms springing up from the undergrowth.

Sea Glass - Like a breath of fresh ocean air, flecks of sea glass scattered over the coastal sands, this cool sage green semisolid is a bright and crisp colourway.

Dijon - A warm and cheerful yellow to lift your spirits, Sunflower petals, Tuscan sun, and Dijon mustard.


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Please, please, please do you have any Kid Mohair Silk in Oyster? I am desperate!
Thank you

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