Crazy about Cashmere

Crazy about Cashmere

Soufflé is now live on our shop and we cannot wait to see the spectacular creations you come up with in our new luxury 100% Cashmere base. Soufflé comes in 15 beautiful Donegal colours, subtle pastels to bright striking greens, something to suit everyone's colour palette. Our cashmere is certified by the RWS, the ICCAW and GCS, meaning that our Cashmere is sourced sustainably, ethically and is traceable back to the farm in Mongolia. We wanted a product that was something extremely special, whilst keeping the protection of the environment and animal welfare in mind – Soufflé is the answer to our calls!

Our cashmere goes through a highly regulated process and quality control, ensuring that the animals are treated with respect and that the quality of the yarn is the highest it can be. We are so excited to share this with you and we hope you love it as much as we do!


A closer look at some of the shades of Soufflé


This mid grey makes us think of cute cuddly koalas, so soft
and snuggly just like our Cashmere! We are loving the combination
of Mint, Koala, Whisper and Snow… might have to cast on something
with colourwork very soon!


Much like the parakeets that reside in many of the parks around
our home city of London, always a little bit of a shock but a joy
to see exotic birds in the big smoke. Parakeet is a vibrant lime green with
flecks of red, purple and blue, perfect for adding a pop of colour to a project!

City Sky

Looking over the cityscape from a distance on a summer’s night,
the stars twinkling in the blanket of darkness. City Sky is a beautiful royal
blue with subtle specks of aqua and cobalt.


A vibrant burnt orange, rusty metals, and weathered brick walls,
old industrial buildings. Soot, Mint and Rust is the ultimate metallic
colour combination - Iron oxide, Verdigris, and gunmetal black.


Replicating the heavenly blues of the sky, Celeste is a bright blue
and full of life. A star on its own or combine it with Parakeet and
Sand for a cute and fun spring colour blast!


Taking us back to Egyptian times, the hot sun setting over the
Nile Delta, the papyrus plants softly swaying in the breeze.
Papyrus is a charming warm cream with speckles of orange and
brown, this neutral tone is perfect for pairing with Rust or Ballerina.
We are so excited to see your colour combinations and projects in Soufflé, please tag your photos @qingfibre on Instagram and hashtag #qfsoufflé