Cosy Couch Cushions

Cosy Couch Cushions

The evenings are getting darker, the leaves are turning to that beautiful Autumn auburn and there is certainly a chill in the air. Autumn is definitely on its way and it is feeling very autumnal today here in London. Who else is secretly a little excited for cosy oversized jumpers, snuggles with blankets on the sofa and a good cup of hot chocolate?


As the weather turns, we are all a little more inclined to curl up inside rather than venture outside into the cold and with the current circumstances we are going to all be tucked up at home a lot more this Autumn and Winter. We spend lots of time in our home environment so why not make it a cosy, comfy and stylish place to be!


We think that crocheted and knitted homewares are seriously underrated, so we wanted to give you a simple free pattern so that you make something soft and squishy for your home! A simple, yet stylish design cushion cover, a quick and easy addition for your home or perhaps a gift for someone special. This pattern is perfect for using up scraps of yarn you have left over in your stash! We knitted ours up in our Big Merino Chunky, a single-ply yarn, which luxuriously soft and perfect for this type of project.



We also came across the amazing pattern by Kati Sarkiiarvi, The Linzer Throw pillow is a super fast knit, worked in the round which means you only have to seam one edge (this made us very happy)! We knitted up two of these in our colourways Lightning and Northern Lights. Soft and comfy, with cute little tassels and a lovely texture, who wouldn't want one of these on their sofa or bed?!



Autumn is definitely a time for comfort and warmth so get one of these cushion patterns on your needles, you could even make a few for Christmas gifts!



Cushion colour work

12 x 22


Big Merino Chunky

Size 40 x 40 cm

C1: Yellow yellow
C2: Kiki
C3: Strawberry
C4: Champagne
White: Undyed 
Dark: Dark forest

In this pattern we use intarsia colour work to reduce floating yarn, prepare 2 small balls of each colour, and 1 extra ball of CC1. (You can use one cake and knit with both ends from one cake if you want!)

Cast on 2 sts with CC1
Kfb with a new string of White and CC1,(1 stitch each colour), pm, kfb with CC1 and another new string of White (2 increases) 4sts

Row2 and all ws rows/rounds k with pattern established (change colour according to the previous colour pattern)
Always pick up the yarn from beneath your working yarn to create a cross to avoid a gap between colour changes.

Row3 with White kfb, with CC1 kfb, Sm, kfb, with White, kfb (4 increases) 8sts

Row5 with white kfb, k all white stitches, with CC1 k to 1 stitch before m, kfb, sm, kfb, k all CC1 stitches, with White k to the last stitch, kfb (4 increases) 12sts

Increase as pattern established every rs rows, k all ws rows. For colour stripe, change to the next colour once 5 stitches in a single colour strip been made. Keep increase White and colour stripes until desired size end with a RS row
for 40 x 40 cushion, increase until there are 100 sts in total and end with a RS row

Sl 1 wyif from lhn, pm, bring yarn to the back and sl the st back onto lhn, turn,

K as pattern established to the end of round, sm, Sl 1 wyif from lhn, bring yarn to the back and sl the st back onto lhn, turn

Decrease round *sm, ssk, k as pattern established to 2 sts before m, k2 tog, repeat from *, Sl 1 wyif from lhn, bring yarn to the back and sl the st back onto lhn, turn

Repeat the last 2 rounds and keep the pattern established until there are 4 stitches left

Ssk, k2tog

Thread through remain stitches and weave in ends

Once you have filled your cushion in, sew the opened edges together!