The Spring Sweater, Pink Velvet!

The Spring Sweater, Pink Velvet!

Three Steps for Getting Started on your New Andrea Mowry Knitting Pattern, Pink Velvet!


Some names are synonymous with certain industries; like Simon Cowell and talent shows, Mary Berry and baking, and Kate Moss and fashion. For the modern knitting world, that person is Andrea Mowry.


If you don’t already follow Andrea, her Instagram page (@dreareneeknits) is a homage to all types of knitting. From stylish socks to winter wraps, her contemporary style has earnt her a legion of fans, particularly with a younger audience.


But it’s her funky and fabulous jumpers that have the greatest following and her newest pattern, Pink Velvet, knocks it out the park, although you may accuse us of being biased as she has knitted it up in our lovely Yarn! 


For the lovely detailing on the yoke she has used our Melted Baby Suri, which dyes up light and fluffy and gives great texture. The main body of the sweater is knitted in our Yak Singles which have a gorgeous silvery base and create a much darker and richer colour when dyed. The two bases she has used in her sample are actually the same colour-way, Peachy, but she has used the different ways in which the yarn bases dye up to create this beautiful contrast. 


Step 1 – Find the pattern


At time of writing this the pattern is being released this Thursday, the 20th of February, and Ravelry is a good starting place to find it along with her other beautiful designs such as Andrea’s famous weekender style jumper.


Step 2 – Know your technique 

With her own YouTube page, Andrea Mowry tutorials are a great resource before you get going. It’s worth spending some time here to cross-reference her cross-stitching, and review techniques! This includes the ‘Three Needle Bind Off’ as used in her weekend sweater.


Step 3 – Stock-up on Qing Fibre wool!

With the pattern sorted, it’s time to finally invest in some quality yarn!  Our online shop will be releasing Pink Velvet kits this Thursday to help you choose colour combinations. However if you feel like making a more individual jumper we will also be updating the shop with many other Yak Singles and Melted Baby Suri options, plus other bases such as Merino Singles and Merino Fingering for those of you who prefer 100% Merino Wool!



So, there you have it, three-steps to crafting your very own Mowry-style sweater!

Happy crafting!





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Hello! When do you think you might have kits for the Pink Velvet Sweater back in stock? Thank you!

Shirley Kung