Staying at home?

Staying at home?

5 fun yarn inspired things to do

We are sending lots of love and hope that everyone is managing to find some moments of happiness and calm amongst the quiet chaos. We came up with 5 fun things to do inside or outside in the garden, on the patio, on your balcony - yarn inspired of course!

Get yourself off the couch out of the office and back in action

Join Joe Wicks for free workouts on IGTV and if you have little or big ones get them to join in too. Joe's YouTube channel has more than 250 workouts for you to try, our favourite so far the 10min chair workout.

Why not have a social work out online with your friends or family and see who can power through. Keep the hair out of your face and knit up a head band we like Frida by Emilie Luis or try Jojo's scrunchie by Paula Leme with your left over yarn.

Organise your yarn stash

Get organised with Marie Kondu and clean out your yarn stash... what sparks Joy stays the rest give it away. Watch the series here Tidy Up with Marie Kondu on Netflix. Show us your stash of spark joy yarn.

Lurking in that cupboard, under the stairs, on your shelves, even under the bed. Its time to pull it all out and have a mass sort out!

Organise into bases, weights, colours... whatever takes your fancy!

Then store in a nice dry place to keep your lovely yarn safe for later projects.

Reach out and see if you know anyone that would like your non Spark Joy yarn...better than it cluttering your new tidy yarn stash.

Cast on a scraps project

Cast on your left over Spark Joy yarns you just couldn't part with into a beautiful shawl we like Nightshift by Andrea Mowry, or funky pair of our Mother Slippers or if you have extra yarn why not make the Linen Scrap Rug by Pai Thadani for a friend or loved one (or for yourself of course). We are constantly inspired by Knitter Laerke Bagger, visit her instagrampage to be blown away by her scrap yarn jumpers!

It's time to give that yarn a new life, pull it all out and knit yourself something whacky and colourful or a little gift for someone.

Reach out to friends and family

Give someone a call and send a virtual hug. We use Zoom to stay connected for video calls but you can use watsapp facetime or skype.

Give your loved ones a call, drop your friend a message or organise a virtual knit night!

Share knitting and crochet advice and have a general good old chat.

Last but not least put pen to paper

Start a gratitude journal, look at all the things in life you appreciate from clean sheets to fresh coffee or those Mother Slippers your about to knit up.

We love these examples Shout Out Template, Pop of Colour Template, Weekly Tracker

To find out more have a read here

Not into journaling then why not start a project journal to keep track of all your knitting projects and ideas, use it for inspiration on new stitch ideas, colourways and patterns maybe even a Yarn Wish List!