Sleepless? Here are our top sleep tips PLUS free sleep mask pattern!

Sleepless? Here are our top sleep tips PLUS free sleep mask pattern!

Did you know we spend approximately one third of our lives asleep?

Good sleep is vital for both our physical and mental health and it is easier to achieve than you might think.

So here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Caffeine has great benefits, it can improve focus and productivity and gives you that little boost needed in the morning. However we need our brains to slow down a little in the evenings, ready for sleep.

Did you know caffeine can affect your body for up to 8 hours after consumed, try to cut it out from 3-4pm and switch to decaffeinated coffee or tea if you’re really craving that afternoon Americano or Espresso. We'd recommend Strange Brew Coffee or have a look at this handy list of eco friendly decaf coffees!

Herbal teas are great for getting your mind in the mood for sleep. Camomile, Valerian Root and Lavender are great for reducing anxiety and induce feelings of calm. Pukka tea have a lovely night time tea with lavender and lime flower or a relax tea with camomile and marshmallow root.

Cast on a cute little mug warmer for your favourite mug to keep your preferred tea hot. A great little project to use up that scrap yarn and relax your mind. Simply cast on 12 stitches in Aran weight yarn, using Brioche stitch knit until the piece measures 24cm/9.5" (or to the size of your favourite mug) then sew the short sides together but leave a gap for the handle to poke through.


It is so easy to get sucked into hours of scrolling or checking emails late at night, especially at the moment when lot’s of us are working from home. Blue light is proven to disrupt the quality of our sleep and affects our circadian rhythm. Using a blue light filter on your devices can help reduce these affects allowing you to get a good nights sleep or why not listen to an audio book and pick up a yarn project instead of staring at the screen.

Cast on our latest pattern, your Qing fibre special Sleepless Mask. Its a quick and simple knit, perfect for bedtime and its FREE! What better way to help you get those Zzzs.



The Sleep Mask is knitted flat,  top down and using garter stitch.

Needle size: 3.75mm

Yarn: DK, we suggest our Sleepless in Seattle colourway on Classic DK

BO - Bind Off 

CO - Cast on 

CCO - Cable Cast on

K - Knit

St - Stitch/s

Turn at the end of each step.

1. CO 9 St 

2. K all St

3. CCO 3 St and K to end

Repeat step 3, 3 more times for a total of 12 St increase

4. CCO 2 and K to end

Repeat step 4, 5 more times 

5.CCO 1 and K to end 

Repeat step 5, 5 more times

6. K 4 rows

7. CCO 1 and K to end 

Repeat step 7.

8. K 4 rows

9. CCO 1 and K to end 

Repeat step 9.

10. K 4 rows 

11. BO 1 St and K to end

Repeat step 11.

12. BO 1 St then K 16 Sts (we will now be working only one side of the mask)

13. BO 2 Sts, K to end

Repeat step 13, 2 more times

14. BO 3 Sts, K to end

Repeat step 14

15. BO last 5 Sts 

We will now work the other side of the mask, start on the RS (middle of the mask) 

16. BO 6 Sts, K to the end

17. BO 1 St, K to the end

18. BO 2 Sts, K to the end

Repeat step 18, 2 more times.

19. BO 3 Sts, K to the end

Repeat step 19.

20. BO last 5 Sts.

You can then add a decorative edging to your mask, how about an i-cord edge or single crochet, or if you want to get really creative how about tassels!

We hope you get a great nights sleep!





Thank you. I love your beautiful yarns and the website.

Thank you. I enjoy your beautiful website.