Melted Baby Suri Spotlight

Melted Baby Suri Spotlight

Mohair is a delight, mohair is luxurious and mohair is fluffy but sometimes you want a fluffy yarn that has a bit more weight to it, a yarn that isn’t in danger of making your loved ones itch around the neck and a yarn that feels like a comforting hug from your grandma. When searching for this unicorn we stubbled across the Suri Alpaca. 

There are two types of alpaca, Huacaya, which is the more common of the species, and Suri which makes up about 10% of the population. They can be identified by their coats, the Suri’s coat is finer and softer than the Huacaya because they live at a lower altitude and don’t need the extra warmth, lucky for us their coats keep us nice and snuggly. We had found what we were looking for!

Alpacas are most commonly found in Peru which is where our Suri is ethically sourced. Our Suri fibres are then spun with silk to make a gorgeously fluffy, non-scratchy yarn that can be knitted/crocheted up as a fingering weight yarn or even bulky weight if held two/three strands at a time! 

Once knitted/crocheted up it creates a fabulously warm and soft fabric that envelopes you in cosy feelings and beautiful colours. Dying on Suri is fun too as it softens up the colour ways and gives them a more dreamy, misty appearance, perfect for slouchy cardigans and faded shawls. 

If you love the look of Melted Baby Suri but are not sure what to knit up, scroll on for examples and projects using our exclusive yarn! 

 Silver Springs by Robin Leever (r0binknits on Ravelry) Knitted up using our Cactus colour way on Melted Baby Suri Alpaca. The perfect quick project.

The Melted Shrug pattern by Susanne Sommer, great for combining Suri with other bases and for a fun, slightly more detailed make.
Seriously Holey by WestKnits is a great brioche project, 'Massive increases shape the semi-circular fabric as they suddenly explode and create a big hole from a single stitch. Increases and decreases form the final wavy border' 
How about using it as a contract colour like Selena Shepard, from Dank Fibre, has done in this amazing version of the Xtina crop by Rachel Barish from Born and Raised Knits.
My Chrysalis Shawl by Lavanya Patricella is also a great project for using Melted Baby Suri, shawl construction is a fun twist on a traditional triangular shape with lots of stripes, eyelets, and brioche.
If its a quick project you're after, that only takes 1-2 skeins, then try our Baby Sashiko Jacket for your little ones. Now available on the website or on Ravelry.


We love to see your makes, especially with our Melted Baby Suri so please always feel free to email us photos or tag us on social media with #qingfibre. We have a Ravelry group that has peoples latest WIPs and that is also a great place to head for inspiration. We also love to hear your comments, suggestions and general knit chat so please feel free to use the comment section below. 

Happy crafting!

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