Is Knitting Therapy the Answer to Your Blue Monday?

Is Knitting Therapy the Answer to Your Blue Monday?

To some, it’s a legendary house track from the 80s, to others Blue Monday is the day of the week we dread the most. If this sounds familiar then read on, because help is at hand, and it comes in the form of a fluffy wool ball… 


That’s right, knitting!


Knit Yourself Happy

Over the past few years, knitting has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance, with a whole new generation relinquishing its therapeutic qualities. 

Can it be any surprise? With hectic lives and social media keeping us online at all hours, it’s a welcome (and calming) distraction. Indeed, the simple pleasure of crafts and knitting, is a great way to release your mind from the daily grind.

 There’s some science to it to. 

According to the Textile Arts Center, knitting has many benefits, which include; helping to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as improving cognitive dexterity. It has even been used in occupational therapy from as early as the First World War. 


More Hipster than Hippy

Although therapeutic knitting is nothing new, it has been rediscovered by a whole new audience; hipsters. 

As such, there’s a host of knitting groups emerging from the streets, with plenty of online sites like meetup, helping to bring fans together.

From knitting basics, to understanding the different types of yarn, this inclusive hobby is a great way to combat the Monday blues. Why not give it a go?

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