Introducing Soufflé Pure – the sibling to our luxurious Soufflé

Introducing Soufflé Pure – the sibling to our luxurious Soufflé

Say hello to our new cashmere family member, the semi-solid sibling of our very popular Soufflé base, Soufflé Pure.

Soufflé Pure is 100% Cashmere and available in 38 beautiful shades, we have the perfect palette for everyone, from muted pastels and subtle tones to bright and vibrant hues, a whole rainbow to choose from. Unlike Soufflé, Soufflé Pure has no donegal neps making it a little less rustic looking than its sibling and perfect for Spring/Summer, they both have a cloud-like quality that is a joy to knit with and creates lighter than air garments that are soft, warm and comfortable against the skin. 

Soufflé Pure will be available in 50g skeins/216m, a light fingering weight yarn that can be used for a multitude of projects, including a new boxy cardigan pattern that we plan on releasing soon! (Keep your eyes peeled for more info!)

Just like its sibling, Soufflé Pure is sustainably sourced from Inner Mongolia, is traceable back to the farm and it is certified by the RWS, the ICCAW and GCS. These organisations promote good animal welfare in cashmere production, protecting the environment and support cashmere farmers to secure a sustainable source of income. If you would like to read more about this head to our previous blog.




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