International Women's Day - celebrating creative women

International Women's Day - celebrating creative women

Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women from all of us at Qing Fibre! As we are a small woman-led company, this International Women’s day we wanted to highlight and celebrate some of the amazing small businesses and creatives that are led by women. We reached out to our lovely followers and asked them to share their ventures and creations with us. It is so inspiring to see so many women following their dreams and passions, and bringing art and creativity into the world!


Maite Allwood – Crochet

My name is Maïté and I crochet colourful baskets, bags and homeware using jute twine from Nutscene exclusively - The only Scottish jute brand still running! We are neighbours and collaborate to represent this traditional heritage material. What started as a hobby is now "knotty but nice"; a business run by me, from start to finish. Single, double, half treble stitches make useful, hard-wearing, and eco-friendly items. I hope you like them!

Instagram: @knotty_but_nice

Lauren Sanmartin – Oil Painting

Hello! I’m Lauren Sanmartin, based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and I’m an oil painter. Some of my favourite things in life are the simplest of details. The way a dried leaf folds around its clementine companion. The way light can make a simple gourd sparkle and come to life. I try to celebrate these moments in my paintings and hope they inspire others to slow down, look around, and absorb the abundant beauty nature has to offer.

Instagram: @laurensanmartinart


Kori Hancock – Fiber Spinning

Hello! My name is Kori and I run Fossil Fibers, a small luxury spinning fiber company. My Art Batts are stacked with texture and made using sustainable green operations. I have a line of batts made from hand-processed fleece purchased from small farms with an emphasis on using rare breed wools. Conservation is very important to me and there are so many textures to be found in these! Wool is something I am wildly passionate about and I hope you will join me on this woolly journey!

Instagram: @fossilfibers


Anne Wearden – Knitting

My name is Anna, and I am a student-turned-knitter and I have just set up my small business selling hand-knitted custom beanie hats! I try to focus on using responsibly sourced materials and use 100% eco-friendly and compostable packaging. After my year abroad was cancelled due to Covid-19, I decided to use my time productively doing what I love. I love the sound of this international women's day campaign and can't wait to see what other amazing women are creating.

Instagram: @theknitwearden

Andrea Lui – Self-Care and Tutorials

Andrea’s expertise comes from her background as a physical therapist. She is a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy (OCS), and is skilled in treating a variety of patients with acute and chronic pain. Andrea is passionate about patient education and empowering her patients to help themselves.

She began noticing that there were very little resources available to knitters, crocheters, and crafters alike on how to take care of their bodies. She was inspired to put out short videos with information on stretches, strengthening exercises, and information on how to care for your body.

Instagram: @aylooknits


We love to see all thewonderful ideas, hobbies, businesses and creations our lovely community has to offer. We will be hightlighting more in our next blog!

Please share your creations with us @qingfibre, we always love to see what you are knitting!