Dare to be dazzled by our new Dashing Collection

We are very excited to share our new unbelievably soft yarn collection with you - the Dashing collection. The collection consists of three new yarn bases, which are not only beautiful in appearance but are so soft and silky you won't ever want to put them down!


We have three new bases, all made from 100% South African Merino: a new Sassy Single, a new Fingering base and a new Super Soft DK base. We have been working closely with the mill in South Africa for a long time to perfect these yarns, we wanted to ensure they were luxuriously soft and silky, feel beautiful against the skin whilst wearing and knitting but also remaining affordable. These are even softer than our other Merino wool bases, which makes these so special and we are so excited to release these into the wild!

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The Merino wool used in these bases is finer, which makes these yarns really special and gives them their extra softness and subtle sheen. This ultra fine Merino is even better at insulating and regulating body temperature, keeping you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold! The very fine fibres can absorb about 30% of their own weight, meaning that the wool is highly breathable and great at wicking sweat, keeping you dry and comfy. The Dashing collection is sourced from local farmers and spun in South Africa, before it comes to us to be dyed in our unique colourways in our studio in London. We have found that these bases take the dye really well and are so nice to work with, they highlight the colours beautifully and show off our speckled colours amazingly. This wool is all mulesing free, as mulesing is not practiced in South Africa, this was very important to us as we like to know that our little fluffy friends are being treated with care and respect; say hello to these lambs from one of the farms we source from in South Africa.



Dashing Sassy -

Our new single ply fingering weight yarn is super soft and fluffy which creates an amazing texture beautiful drape in your projects. It has a subtle silky sheen which makes is look and feel that little bit of extra luxury. This yarn is perfect for for a variety of project: summer tops, sweaters, shawls and those extra special projects.


400m / 100g 100% Ultrafine South African Merino

 undyed yarn, merino yarn, handdyed yarn, qingfibre, hand knit, knitting


Dashing Fingering -

This a 4-ply yarn specially refined using ultra-fine Merino wool, this makes it extra soft and comfortable against the skin and create a beautiful sheen to the strands. This sheen makes our colourways glimmer and shine! Dashing Fingering is a versatile yarn perfect for any kind of projects but especially good for lace patterns and special stitches as it has great stitch definition.


400m / 100g 100% Ultrafine South African Merino

 undyed yarn, merino yarn, handdyed yarn, qingfibre, hand knit, knitting


Dashing DK -

Our new DK base is the softest DK we have ever created! The ultrafine Merino means the yarn is snuggly soft and feels like clouds against your body. The lightweight merino has a beautiful sheen and is perfect for keeping you toasty warm and dry. Dashing DK is great for stitch definition and bigger projects, snuggly sweaters and cosy socks, keeping warm never looked so good.


225m / 100g 100% Ultrafine South African Merino

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Our Dashing collection will be available on the online shop later this month, along with our new beautiful High Summer collection; so keep you eyes peeled for our new colours on these beautiful merino bases.


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