Video: Introducing Veranita! Qing Fibre's new Cashmere base

Video: Introducing Veranita! Qing Fibre's new Cashmere base

Hello yarn-lovers! 

Today, we are so excited to introduce to you...Veranita!

Veranita is our new super super luxe Cashmere base. We wanted something unique and rare that would create the most beautiful garments, something that we could claim is one of the softest yarns in the woolly world. Made up of 79% supreme fluffy Cashmere and 21% silk, each skein is 25g with 300m/325yds of fuzzy heaven. We recommend using 2.5mm for a tighter gauge or going up to 4mm for a more drapey garment or accessory. Veranita is wonderful alternative to those who can not wear mohair or suri alpaca bases.

Watch our unveiling video below...



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