Qing Fibre's June Cast-ons

Qing Fibre's June Cast-ons

Hello yarn-lovers! Here in London the weather seems to finally be heating up and it’s really keeping our spirits high; although we have to admit that the studio can become an oven whilst all the dying is going on and the sun is shining. Last year was particularly bad with most of the team melting by about lunchtime! But we are hoping the new studio will be a bit cooler and breezier, just in case it isn’t though, we think investing in a huge freezer full of Mochi ice-cream is the way forward! 
As we have all been working hard on the Mochi sweater, our own cast-ons have fallen slightly to the wayside, but we still want to share what we have been working on when we can.
Lil has been working on a lovely Balloon Sweater by Petite Knits, she’s been knitting it up out of experimental Melted Baby Suri skeins, the effect of the grey tones with a few pops of colour is beautiful. Although it’s not sweater weather in the day time here, London still can have chilly evenings and this sweater is bound to be a staple in Lil’s wardrobe throughout the year. When asked about how she found the pattern she mentioned having to cast on a few times to try and get the neck as tight as possible so that it was fitted, this is one of the joys of knitting though, making an item exactly how you would like it!
Sophie and I are also working on the Balloon Sweater and it has been interesting to see the different effects being a tighter or looser knitter can created. I am a tighter knitter and opted for a larger size as I still wanted something oversized, but the actual fabric of the jumper has far more structure and doesn’t have as much drape as Lil’s, if I were to do it again I would go up a needle size, that’ll teach me for being lazy about the gauge! However, I have found being a tighter knitter has helped with defining the shoulder stitches which are a large part of the design. Photos of these projects will be in the next edition of Qing Fibre's cast ons!
I have also been working on the Ranunculus top by Cafe Knit Midori in our Balala colourway. Working with our Mohair was so soft and easy, I’ve always shied away from lace weight yarn but with larger needles it knits up fast and is nowhere near as fiddly as I was expecting. The pattern itself is lovely and keeps things interesting, there were stitches and patterns I hadn't encountered before, so it was nice to feel like I was learning new techniques. However, I also learnt the importance of counting correctly as there are a few eyelet holes in slightly the wrong place, but all this has done is made me want to try the whole thing again!
Layla has been working on creating a mini version of our Mochi Sweater and we’ve got to tell you guys, it is the cutest, who doesn’t love matching outfits with their loved ones! Not only does it look super adorable but the Melted Baby Suri is really soft against your little one’s skin and keeps them lovely and warm. For this version, Layla experimented with using undyed Melted Baby Suri and adding a shot of colour on the sleeves. The effect is elegant and different, showing that contrast colours don't always have to appear on the collar or the ribbing. Keep an eye out for the Mini Mochi pattern which will be released soon!
Katt, the speed knitter in the studio, is unstoppable when it comes to FOs and she has been working on a few freehand pieces inspired by a recent trip to Menorca. She has been using our Silky Merino Singles in the Dark Forest Colourway to create a simple but gorgeous little halter neckline top. It looks elegant and very wearable, especially for summer!
Thank you for tuning into the Qing Fibre Blog, we will be back soon with more behind the scenes info and updates on what we are up to. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover and feel free to get in touch with us at contact@qingfibre.com.
Happy Crafting!
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