Mochi Madness

Mochi Madness

We are on the cusp of releasing our newest pattern, The Mochi Sweater, and we couldn't be more excited. This will be our first adult garment and something we have been working towards for a long time. We want to give the sweater a proper introduction and we would love to give you a bit of back story, technical detail and colour suggestions, because who doesn't love putting a palette together?! 

At Qing Fibre we are all influenced by many cultures and Layla, in particular, enjoys reading and researching Japanese cultures and traditions. The Kimono has always been an interest of hers and she drew upon its characteristic large sleeves and drape as inspiration for the sleeves in this pattern. Japanese culture has also inspired the name, Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that can be served as a dessert/sweet, it is squishy in texture and can come in a variety of colours, mainly pastel. The Mochi sweater also showcases our love of slouchy, oversized knits, interesting but simple shapes and of course Melted Baby Suri. It's important to have a Jumper pattern that is a little different from the norm but is still accessible to all and makes everyone feel comfortable while wearing it, we hope this has been achieved with the Mochi Sweater!


Technical aspects

Creating a v-neck and raglan sleeves means that increases are used at certain points to create the shape, with the added use of ribbing this makes for an interesting start to the pattern. Garter has been used to form a contrast between the rib and the collar which is especially effective when using a different colour. We've also used short rows to create interesting curves, dreamy drape and volume to the sleeves. The top half is knitted in rib to help the slouchy effect, the bottom half is knitted in stockinette to create more structure. It's also slightly cropped which makes it perfect for slinging on over a summery dress or paired with high waisted jeans. 


Mochi Sweater in the Studio

We have been knitting up some different versions to show you how different colour palettes react with the pattern.

Layla has used Soft Lemon, Oyster and Lightning in her pale and interesting version.


Katt has used Siren and Honeycomb to showcase a darker, more muted palette

Georgia has been using Zest and Lucia, and as the name Zest suggests its bright, bold and perfect for Spring/Summer

We have put a few colour suggestions together for those of you who find it hard to pinpoint colours to use. Deciding on a colour before you embark on a knit can be hard especially when you know how many hours lay ahead of you before the FO is off the needles! 

Antique Rose and Slate

Pangolin and Daffodils 

Lucia and Underwater

We would love to hear what your Mochi plans are! As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please comment below or email us at

Happy Crafting!





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2 commentaires

Where do I buy the Michu sweater pattern? Love it so much.
Lorna b

lorna bottomley

Great pattern. What weight yarn? I love the Zest and Lucia combo. Will they be in your shop soon – or even now? And when is the pattern release?

Celia Pett

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