Making waves this summer - Introducing our High Summer garments

Making waves this summer - Introducing our High Summer garments

We are super excited to share the first garments and colours of our High Summer Collection 21!

Our HS Collection 21 was inspired by the British countryside - cute cottages, serene nature and escaping from city life. Our designers Layla, Lil and Sophie have been working together on this concept, researching unusual stitch techniques, experimenting with open lace work, using different weight yarns to create interesting textures and using negative space to create their designs. 

It's the first time we have released a collection of patterns to coincide with our High Summer release and it's been exciting to be out of our creative comfort zone and to push ourselves in a new design direction. We also have a new instagram account to show the design process in more detail with sketches, swatches and studio shot, check out the design action here.

It was also important for us that this collection was about breaking down boundaries and promoting the idea of our being boundary-less. We especially wanted this to come across in our photoshoot, more behind the scenes and info to come on this in a later blog! 



Simply Wave Collection

lady in sweater

Our first set of pattern releases will be the Simply Wave collection designed by Layla. Layla fell in love with these waves stitches, she loves the light airy fabric that this stitch creates and the fun contrasts it creates with colours and yarn weights. Her initial idea for these garments were the wave stitches and then she added the shape and silhouette of the garment. Layla experimented with the juxtaposition of fluffy lace weight yarns to create this beautiful textured contrast.

There are 3 different Simply Wave patterns in the collection, a cropped sweater with 3 sleeve options, a longer sweater with long sleeves and a cami top.

Simply Wave crop pattern and kits are now available


We also released 16 NEW colourways to knit up our garment collection. Introducing the first five...
yarn, flowers
Midsummer - Rich vibrant pink splashed with jewel greens, mustard yellow and deep purple make for a stand out summer colour. It has a touch of summer mystic to it, like sunset at a music festival.
yarn, flowers
Grass - Bold and beautiful yet fresh and uplifting, Grass makes us walk on the greener side of life!
yarn, corn
Sunset Dreams - This yellow flame could light up even the darkest of nights. A show stopping combination of light Lilac and fiery yellow, enough to take your breath away.
 yarn, flowers
Cucumber - Light and refreshing, just like its name sake. Perfect for knitting with while sipping a Pimms (with cucumber of course!
yarn, flowers
Tarantula - Mysterious shadows at the bottom of the garden hiding all sorts of surprises! Tarantula isn’t one of our typically coloured yarns and we love it all the more for it.
We can't wait to see your creations in the HS Collection, Please tag us on Instagram @qingfibre and use the #HSG21
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