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Rothko Fade Kit - Yak Single
Rothko Fade Kit - Yak Single Rothko Fade Kit - Yak Single Rothko Fade Kit - Yak Single
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Rothko Fade Kit - Yak Single

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Product Description 

Welcoming our brand new Rothko Fade Kit to the family. Alternately radiant and dark, this colour way is inspired by the luminosity of Mark Rothko's compelling paintings and is an extension of our current 'Rothko' colourway. Starting with a pastel and playful pink, the kit drifts towards the dark and mysterious, finishing in a coral and midnight fusion.

Take yourself on a creative knitting journey with these exclusive fibres. Perfect for creating one-off fade garments. Tag us on Instagram at @qingfibre with your finished pieces! 

The Kit

This kit will include 5x Rothko Fade Skeins in our Yak Single yarn base. 

Qing Fibre Yak Singles are a Fingering weight yarn. A little bit thicker than our Merino single base, the rich colours of this fade kit will thrive on this silky base. It looks very luxurious and drapes beautifully on the body. 

Yak Single: 65% SW Merino 20% Silk 15% Yak, 480m/120g. 

Disclaimer: Please be aware that due to the nature of hand dyed yarn and different screens, colours may vary slightly from the image.

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