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Yak Single - Furling
Yak Single - Furling Yak Single - Furling Yak Single - Furling
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Yak Single - Furling

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Qing Fibre Yak Singles are a Fingering weight yarn. A little bit thicker than our Merino single base, the colours are rich and deep on this silky base. It looks very luxurious and is super soft with a smooth texture and drapes beautifully.

 Furling -

Freshly cut grass, moss and new buds growing on the branches. A vibrant lichen green, subtlety variegated with deeper tones and hues.

These 120g and 480m skeins are enough for a medium shawl!  Suitable for any pattern and stitch, especially for those more intricate and fun stitches.

65% Superwash Merino 20% Silk 15% Yak



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