Kategorie: Florence Spurling's 'Gwen Mini Shawl' & Lydia Morrow's 'Ballistic Bib' Kits

Last Christmas we joined hands with the wonderful knitwear designers, Florence Spurling and Lydia Morrow. We created limited edition mini colour palettes to match their unique patterns they designed exclusively for our 2023 Christmas advent receivers.

For Lydia Morrow's 'Ballistic Bib' pattern we created a vibrant graphic set of minis and for Florence Spurling's 'Gwen Mini Shawl' we created and icy pastel palette of minis.

Until now, the kits have only been available to those who purchased our 2023 Advents so those who missed out now have the chance to make their very own 'Ballistics Bib' and 'Gwen Mini Shawl' with these limited edition kits!