Year of the Pig

Year of the Pig


Happy Chinese New Year and Spring Festival! It is now the year of the Pig. Those who are born in the year of the Pig are thought to be engaged, enthusiastic and, though not frivolous, enjoy life to the fullest. However, though it is your zodiac year, it is thought of as your unluckiest year, this can be remedied by wearing something red, many opt to wear red underwear!
We have been celebrating by crocheting up some cute little piggy pals for the studio and we would love for you to join in the fun so we have written up the pattern for you below! 
You can use a range of different weight yarns, just change your hook size accordingly. We thought it would be fun to have pom-pom ears too!
Piggy Pal Pattern 


Suggested yarn and hook: 5mm Hook for Big Merino Chunky or 3.5mm Hook for Aran yarn.

Notions: Safety eyes, thread for nostrils and for sewing on pom-poms, wading (or yarn leftovers/cut-offs)


Ch- Chain 

SS - Slip Stitch

St - Stitch 

SC - Single Crochet 

SC Inc - Single Crochet Increase (2 SC in 1 St)

SC2tog - Single crochet two stitches together 

DC - Double Crochet

DC Inc - Double Crochet Increase (2 DC in 1 St)

YO - Yarn Over

If you are new to crochet or need a little refresher we recommend the following website, it's got all the stitches and techniques for the piggy pattern!

Note:  This Pattern works in the round continuously as a spiral, those of you new to crochet or who find counting stitches annoying may wish to use a stitch marker or safety pin to mark the first stitch of each row.


 1. Ch 4, SS into 1st Ch to create a loop

 2. SC into the middle of the loop 6 times.

 - Row1  SC 6 into back loop of the 6 Sts  (this forms the snout!)

 - Row2  Inc (SC2 in each St) 6 times (12)

 - Row3  (SC1, SC inc) repeat 6 (18)

 - Row4  (SC2, SC inc) repeat 3, (DC2, DC Inc) repeat 3  (24)


 - Row5  SC 6 rounds

 Now we start to decrease to make the bum.

 - Row6  (SC2, SC2Tog) repeat 3, (DC2,DC2Tog) repeat 3 (18)

 This is a good time to stuff the body with wading. Firmly.

 - Row7  (SC, SC2Tog) repeat 6  (12)

 Add the rest of the wading now.

 - Row8 (SC2Tog) repeat 6 (6)

 - Insert hook through St on opposite side of circle, YO and SS to close up body.

- Ch 10-15 depending on desired length of tail and SC Inc all Sts back towards the body, try and keep a tight tension to create the curl in the tail. SS into St on the body* and fasten off. (photo)


 Make 2 small pom poms using your fingers!

1. Wrap around fingers.                      2. Slide off and tie

3. Tie it nice and tight!                        4. Cut loops on either side of knot

5. Trim Pom Pom to desired size.      6. Repeat for second ear!


Sew on pompom Ears, add safety eyes. Use a strong and thinner yarn to sew the nostrils on the snout.



And voila! A piggy pal is born! We really hope you love crocheting along. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us at!


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