Qing Fibre's Cast-ons for March!

Qing Fibre's Cast-ons for March!

We love to show you what knitting/crochet/yarn projects we have on the go on Instagram but we realise that you don’t necessarily want to read a huge caption about whats going on in the photo, so we thought we’d lay it out for you here! 
Its pretty magic to be involved with a creative business, not only do most of the team knit or crochet but we also have weavers, printers and potters on the team which means there’s always plenty of inspiration and people to bounce ideas off. When it comes to knitting we can all discuss ideas and whether something will work, plus swap tips and tricks (which we are gradually adding to our Tips and Tricks page!). 
First up, Layla has been working on a new slipper pattern that we are releasing this month, it’s the perfect quick project that could use your 2 lonesome skeins or even use little bits of yarn that you’re not sure what to do with. It's also a great project for learning new skills, like the Kitchener stitch, as it's small and manageable plus it has lot's of scope for adaptations, knit it longer/shorter, change the edging stitch, lose the pom-pom, whatever you like!
Katt has been knitting up Stephen West's new jumper design, Majestic Mountain, and it is gorgeous! She has chosen a more nordic palette and used a white skein of Melted Baby Suri held with Smoke Merino Single to create more of a fade at the yoke. The Shoulder details add real interest with colours like Saracen, Caviar and Burnt Caramel ( a new colour way we have been working on!). It's a great project for keeping things interesting and a lot of room for colour play, it also has a lot of ribbing techniques which are fun to learn. 
Lil has just cast-off her beautiful Sashiko Jacket that will be a gift for her tiny new niece! (Don't worry, we have requested photos!) She has used our Cha-Cha colour way as the main colour and Daffodils as her contrast colour, the results are so cute and make a really colourful but tasteful palette.
Georgia has been working on a self drafted beret pattern using Beeswax Melted Baby Suri held with Bronx Merino Singles, loving the pops of colour! Plus the Melted Baby Suri is going to make it extra warm. Georgia is a fairly new/beginner knitter, crochet being her main discipline, and wanted to really get some decreasing and increasing practise in, doing rapid increases and decreases was a great way to learn plus she used DPNs for the first time to do the crown of the beret. 
Hannah is a prolific sock maker, sometimes they come in pairs but more often than not they are mix and match, and we love them! She’s currently knitting up one of our OOAK colours on Super Soft Sock, it’s perfect for spring. Hannah is also the most confident DPN user among us so if you have any questions we'll send them her way!
Thank you for reading this months Qing Fibre Cast-ons! Please feel free to comment below with questions, tips and tricks and general yarn chat. We love to hear from all of you! 
Happy Crafting 


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What I need in my life right now is a matching Sashiko pattern for big people :P <3

Lisa Ji

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