Meet Soufflé Batwing Cardigan

Meet Soufflé Batwing Cardigan

Lighter than a feather, the Soufflé Batwing cardigan is a delicate and super soft addition to your knitwear collection! With an I-cord edge, lace details and cute buttons this garment is ideal for those cooler spring days and summer evenings.


The cardigan is a boxy shape with large batwing sleeves, designed to be oversized and comfy but elegant. 



The batwing cardigan is knitted top down by first working the 2 shoulder panels in stockinette stitch. You then pick up stitches along the edges of the panels and knit the front and back pieces individually. Horseshoe lace is worked throughout the upper body. The pieces are joined underarm so there are no side seams to work! The waist shaping is knitted in stockinette stitch and decorative decreases are knitted which tie in to the horseshoe lace pattern above. The button bands are then knitted and sewn into place down the front, and an applied i-cord is worked  around the neckline and hem. a pleat is also worked centre back of the neckline when the i-cord is attached. Finally the sleeves are picked up and knitted in the round, continuing the stockinette shoulder panel all the way down the tops of the sleeves. underneath, alternative lace and stockinette decrease sections are worked ending with a folded ribbed cuff!


Worked with 1 strand of cashmere, either Veranita or our Soufflé collection, it's as light as air and so soft on the skin you will never want to take it off. Perfect for those windy summer days when you need something to throw over that dress you can never find a jumper to compliment. The shape is flattering to all shapes and sizes and so easy to wear. 

The Soufflé Batwing cardigan is something to be treasured, passed on and cherished through generations. The time spent working on this fine lace cardigan will show through, even to non-knitters!


Coming this Friday, 28th May!

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