Join our 'Gloam Glow' Mystery Box Competition!

Join our 'Gloam Glow' Mystery Box Competition!

Now that our 'Gloam Glow' Spring Mystery Boxes created in collaboration with Loupy Studio are out and about in the world it's time for some fun!
Take part in our competition by sharing your 'Gloam Glow' makes with us, and be in with the chance to win your very own Qing Fibre x Jamie Creates Summer Mystery box (and more!)
1. Share a feed post to your Instagram showing your Gloam Glow WIP/finished knit (if you wish) between 20th May - 28th June.
2. Make sure to tag @qingfibre and @loupystudio and use the following hashtags in the description #qingfibremysterybox #qfmbspring2024 #gloamglowqfmb
3. Winners will be contacted 1st July
4. Winners will have their Gloam Glow knit featured on our Instagram as well as on our blog where we will also share your favourite project of yours.

1st Place: Win a Summer Mystery Box (designer soon to be unveiled) + 10% Discount code + Knit featured on our Blog and Instagram
2nd Place: 10% Discount Code + Free QF Pattern of your choice +  Knit featured on our Blog and Instagram
3rd Place: 5% Discount Code +  Knit featured on our Blog and Instagram

If you want to find out more about the Gloam Glow box itself, check out our blog here. Don't be too sad if you missed out, we have something special to announce soon but in the meantime - Happy Knitting!

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