Introducing the Kýma Sweater!

Introducing the Kýma Sweater!

Oversized but not understated, this new Qing Fibre sweater pattern is designed with flow, fluidity and waves in mind. A unique combination of DK and Lace weight yarn to form an interesting and bold contrast. The DK section is structured to allow the Lace weight yarn to billow and cloud around the lower half of the body, creating a whimsical and delicate effect.

Our original inspiration came from Blue Anemone, a small vintage handmade clothing atelier, who promote slow fashion. Their brand and clothes combine nostalgic trends from the 60s and 70s, a bohemian dreamscape and sustainability. We wanted to create something a little unusual and came up with some different ways of construction techniques to create this pattern.

The light flowing fabrics seen in some of Blue Anemone's pieces were a huge inspiration for this pattern and we tried to replicate this feeling in the bottom half of the sweater design. A loose and floaty fabric that is thin but gathers and drapes over the lower half of the body. The lower fabric almost comes to life as it falls over the body, creating varied shapes and silhouettes of the human form. Dainty and delicate but this design is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Nature and the natural world that surrounds us was also a huge inspiration is this design process. Clouds, waves, light, shadows, the inconsistency and beauty of the natural phenomenon that is our planet. The choice of using a lace weight yarn in the lower section contrasted against the more solid DK in the upper body, perfectly depicts billowing clouds, rolling waves, a soft evening breeze and sunlight filtering through trees. We came up with the name 'Kýma' as we were searching for the right word to sum up the pattern. This pattern epitomises the word 'Kýma', meaning wave in the Greek language. The sound of the word and the meaning behind it, replicate that of the flowing, floaty design. Gentle and pure, yet strong and bold.

Make sure to stay tuned for the release date reveal and information on kits, competitions and more Kýma fun! 

For more Kýma details and photos check out our Instagram feed! We would love to see your amazing creations and colour combinations so tag us on Instagram #qingfibre or @qingfibre




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I can’t wait for the pattern!


Thank you for such inspiring designs! This is stunning. I can’t wait to see the kits!


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